COVID-19 response

Over the past couple of weeks we have reopened our doors to our company and pre company dancers and it feels SO good to be back in the studio.  There is a hybrid of zoom/in studio class happening right now to allow students who have traveled or do not yet feel comfortable coming into the studio to still dance from home, while others are coming in person with some strict new guidelines set into place.  

Below is the current protocol we have implemented at the dance studio in order to keep all dancers, staff, and their families as safe as possible.  

  • If your dancer or anyone in your home thinks they may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and let us know.  When traveling, please inform the studio of your plans to determine your return to in-person class based on current CDC guidelines.  If you have traveled by plane, train, or cruise ship or traveled internationally we ask that your dancer self-quarantines for 10 days. Virtual classes will then be provided. 
  • Dancers should only arrive 5 min. prior to class time and be dropped off, as the lobby will be closed.  Only dancers and teachers who have class in session will be allowed inside.  
  • Before entering front lobby each dancer will have his/her temperature taken and will be asked a few screening questions. Please wait out front and remain social distanced while waiting to be screened.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F (99 F on no touch thermometer) or more will be sent home to monitor his/her health and symptoms.  If you are not feeling well (body aches), have a cough, sore throat, runny nose, GI issues, nausea/vomiting or fever (of course) please stay home. 
  • All dancers and staff will need to wear a mask while inside the dance studio.  Together, we will all learn how to navigate the use of masks in dance class in a very safe manner. 
  • Please bring your own water bottle. The water fountain is currently not in service. 
  • A hand sanitizing station has been set up in the lobby near the entrance for use upon entering. There are also hand sanitizers set up in each studio. Students should wash/sanitize hands as they enter building and anytime they touch face/mask.
  • There is no lingering in the common area.  Dancers are asked to go directly to their assigned studio and keep social distance between themselves and the other dancers, and exit as soon as class ends.
  • We have marked spaces for dancers to place their personal items in the dance studios that are all 6 ft apart.  We ask that dancers limit the items brought into the studio.  Please clean out dance bags so there are only essential items needed for dance class. No outside food/drink items allowed in studio besides water.
  • Dance floors and barres are marked in order to help the dancers keep safe distance during class. 
  • Shoes are required for all classes.  No bare feet for now.
  • We have staggered class start and end times in order to disinfect/sanitize the studio space (floors/barres/door handles etc) and cut down on the amount of people coming and going. 
  • Medical Grade Filtration HEPA Air purifiers have been placed in studios and for now we will only be using the 2 large studio spaces for classes.
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized as much as possible and we ask that dancers arrive in the proper dance attire to lessen the amount of bathroom time.  
  • The entire studio will be disinfected and sanitized nightly.  

If you questions, please do not hesitate to email us at